About Me

Swarup Biswas

Swarup Biswas

I am a curious technologist, software consultant, and explorer with a passion for culture. Always seeking new experiences and adventures, and my thirst for knowledge extends beyond technology to encompass the diverse cultures of the world.

As a software consultant, I help businesses optimize their software systems while incorporating an appreciation for cultural differences. My love for culture extends beyond the workplace, as I am constantly exploring different regions of the world, immersing myself in local customs and traditions.

My curiosity is not limited to technology and culture, as I am also a foodie and avid traveler. Whether I am trying out new restaurants or experimenting with global cuisine at home, I am always expanding my palate and culinary horizons.

With a diverse set of skills and a hunger for new experiences, I am striving to be a true global citizen, embracing the richness and diversity of cultures both near and far.

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