Top healthy Indian summer drinks

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Indian summers can be hot and exhausting, and one of the best ways to cool down and stay healthy is by drinking refreshing summer drinks. Here are the top healthy Indian summer drinks that you can enjoy.

Aam Panna is a healthy and flavorful drink made from raw mangoes. It is rich in Vitamin C and aids digestion, boosts immunity, and prevents dehydration.

Lassi is a traditional Indian drink made from yogurt, water, and sugar. It is rich in probiotics, which aid digestion, boost immunity, and keep the body cool

Nimbu Paani or Lemonade is a refreshing drink made from lemon juice, water, & sugar. Rich source of Vitamin C, prevents dehydration, and boosts immunity.

Coconut water is a natural hydrator, rich source of electrolytes. It prevents dehydration, aids digestion, & boosts immunity.

Chaach or Buttermilk is a healthy summer drink made from yogurt, water, and spices. It is low in calories, aids digestion, and provides relief from acidity and heat.

Jal-Jeera is a refreshing summer drink made from a combination of spices, including cumin, mint, and coriander. It is a natural coolant, prevents dehydration, and aids digestion.

Watermelon juice, is a natural hydrator and is very easily available and a healthy substitute for cold drinks.

Sattu, is made of gram flour, salt, sugar and water. It keeps the body cool and is rich in iron.

Enjoy these natural, healthy and tasty drinks this summer and I bet you will forget those aerated cold drinks for ever.

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