Visa free countries for Indian passport holders

Do you have an Indian passport? Are you wondering which countries offers visa free entry for Indian passport holder? Well, then check out this blog and I am sure this will be useful for your next internal travel plan.

The Indian passport ranks 154th in the world as of March 2023 according to VisaGuide Passport Index. This means that Indian citizens can travel visa-free to 26 countries in the world, apart from Nepal and Bhutan where you don’t even need a passport!

26 Visa Free countries

26 visa free countries for Indian passport holders

Not enough? Well, then here are 31 countries where you may visit with visa on arrival enabled for Indian passport holders.

31 Visa on arrival countries

31 countries with visa on arrival for Indian passport holders

Still unable to find a destination to travel. Abra-ka-dabra! Here you go. 26 countries you may visit with an eVisa for Indian passport holders. Amazing isn’t it?

26 eVisa countries

26 countries with eVisa for Indian passport holders

If you have still not found your country, it means you have to apply for a visa well ahead of your travel. Hurry up! It may take from few days to few weeks to get a visa based on the country and the rush.

Happy travel!

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