The mesmerising woods: Ooty – Mysore road

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It was a misty cool morning in Ooty. “Good morrrrrning”, biwi waked me up. The splendid vacation in Ooty was coming to an end. We dressed-up to experience the scenic beauty for one last time. We walked uphill through a natural staircase and into the coniferous woods. The sun was peeking through the mist – an awesome experience.
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After a healthy and tasty south indian breakfast, we were ready to venture downhill Ooty through the thrilling 36 hair pin bends.
“Is there an alternative route?”, biwi asked in a pleading voice.
I said re-assuring, “It would be a thrilling experience. Don’t worry”.

We hopped into the cab. The excitement was rising. “Hope its safe, Bhaiyya”, biwi queried cab driver again. “Yes, ma’m. Its completely safe. Don’t worry”, replied cab driver re-assuring,

Broom! Broom! and off we went to our adventurous downhill journey. “Bhaiyya, dont drive fast please”, biwi ordered.
We reached the first milestone, which says “Hairpin Bend 36/36”.

The cab driver suddenly stopped. “Bhaiyya, Can I take my friend into the car please, There is no bus for next 1 hour”, requested cab driver. I said, “Ok. Thats fine”. Suddenly, I felt a pinch in my arms. “Ouch! What are you doing? Its hurting”, I ased biwi shocked by the sudden act.
“Why did you let him in? Driver will now start talking with his friend and will not be able to concentrate”, said biwi. She was very frightened I can imagine.

At first I did not tae it seriously, but after sometime the cab driver really started gossiping with his friend continuously and was driving as if he is driving in an open field. I also started feeling andrenalin rush in my blood. All my memories started to flash back. “Am I dead”, I thought. I have read that just when you are dying, all your life memories flash back. Suddenly, my biwi piched me again. “Ouch!”, what are you doing?”, I become conscious and realised I am alive.

“Didn’t I say, they will talk and will lose focus”, biwi complained. “Bhaiyya, please drive slow. Please be careful. Its our first time”, I requested the driver. The milestone now read “Hair pin bend 26/36”. By now biwi has started enjoying the scenic beauty.
Click! Click! Click!
What a lovely snap. I praised biwi. She was thrilled and probably the scenic beauty has overcome the fear of heights. We started counting each Hairpin bends. Stopped at each and enjoyed every bit of it. In no time we reached Hair pin bend 1/36. The speed of the car read 60 km/hr and increasing. After 10min we are into the straights. It was a smooth wide road with little traffic and the speedometer read 80km/hr now. Zoom! Its 100Km/hr now. What a drive through the beautiful greenery both sides.

Mesmerising woods! We had reached the Bandipur area. Amazing view with tall trees – leaves sheded. We stopped to experience the nature. Its like a dreamy sequence in a movie. I remembered the song ” Gazab ka hai din dekkho zara…”
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Suddenly, we saw a big creature popping out from the woods, It seemed to have a long hand, trying to clear thye bushes and come out. Wow! It was a baby elephant! And there comes its mother following him as a true guardian.
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It made our day. We watched them enjoy for sometime and then started again. Zoom! 100km/hr After sometime the car stopped with sudden brake. We almost went flying into the front seat. We came back to senses and saw a deer was crossing the road. We came out of the car and saw several of them grazing in peace. It was an amazing view. We haven’t seen elephants and deers in their natural habitat earlier. It was a thrilling experience. “If you stay for sometime, you might even see a Tiger”, said the driver. We waited for sometime, but I guess Mr. Tiger was busy elsewhere and did not realise we were waiting.

It was getting darker and we decided to start so that we reach Mysore before evening. Zoom! off we went and lost into the mesmerising woods!

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