The Golden triangle

It was that part of the year, when you have a mixed feeling. Particularly for people like me in the IT industry. Are you asking me why? While the thought of Year end appraisals, salary increments brings butterflies in your stomach, the memories of summer vacations & IPL (cricket) keeps you alive…

Yes, it was March……and I was enjoying my Sunday with my only biwi 😉 (lol….It reminds me of a chat with one of my friend, who once wrote….”I need to go now as am busy with 3W…” I said, “3W!! amazing bro…you must be a brave heart, as I am struggling with 1W”. Later he clarified, that by 3W he meant 3 times work and not wife..)

“Biwi…whats the plan during Tweety’s (my Li’l princess) summer vacation starting in 2 weeks?” Biwi said, “it’s not summer vacation, it’s end session break”. 2min silence……as I dare not challenge that. “Ok”, I said. After 5min, biwi started, “Planning for a short trip to the Taj”.

“Taj!, we went to Taj a year back, so why again?”, I dared. “My Maa (MIL) has not been to Taj, wish to take her there”, biwi said. “Oh, wow….of course Taj is one place I would love to visit twice…”, I agreed quicky to gain some brownie points. “My brother will also come with us”, biwi said. “You mean – Saaalaa?”, I stammered.

It was enough on a Sunday afternoon to quickly, break for a quick afternoon nap. That day I slept as If I were a dead man. Guess what, I dreamt of the trip to Taj with Saalaaa. “So will you book the tickets?”, biwi asked when I woke up from my dream. “Of course I will…so how many tickets? you, me, Tweety and Maa?”, I asked. “And my brother as well”, said biwi. “Of course, the Saalaaa”.

“Papa..Papa….where are we planning to go? Can I take my dolls as well?”, Tweety came rushing and jumped into me excited. “We are going to the Taj”, I explained. “Taj, but we went to Taj earlier.. can we go somewhere else this time?”, Tweety asked.

She was right, needed some change/twist to make it interesting. “We will see Camels this time, baby”, I promised Tweety. “Camels? Where will you find camels in Agra?, biwi exclaimed.

“Lets plan for the Golden triangle – Delhi, Agra & Jaipur. We will enjoy the royal forts of Jaipur and Camels of course”, I explained to biwi, in permission seeking mode. “What a good idea!!, lets book the tickets now”, biwi approving the case.

“I will need 2 days, to research best hotels in our budget and plan the itinerary”, I requested biwi. “ok…ok… you think I should buy some matching Jewellery for the trip? What about the pink new suit, should I take them? It’s march, I may get sun burn, need to take right makeup kit …………………. …………………………..

Yes, the continuous dots says it all…..the planning has started!

After a few days of planning, I booked a morning flight to New Delhi. After, we checked-in our Hotel, we quickly refreshed and into our Tourist gears. We went around the Capital city visiting historical places such as Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Lotus Temple and in the evening went to India Gate, saluting at the “Amar Jawan Jyoti”.

We did feel it was the capital city, until visited the Red Fort. “Papa….why have they not cleaned this tourist place? asked Tweety”. I said, “Today, the cleaning staff is on leave”. “So, there were real kings living in this place? – asked Tweety” …. before I could answer, “There were no fans earlier, how did they survive the hot climate?”….. “Well, they were….”, I was attempting to answer, but there goes another one – “So, did they eat chicken, like us?”, asked Tweety again and this continued for the whole day.

In the night we enjoyed the Tasty north Indian food – rich in ghee. We were tired enough to do anything else. The next day was the Showstopper – The Taj. We had booked a cab to take us to Agra through the Yamuna expressway. It was really nicely managed I must say. With several food junctions built to fresh-up, we thought of getting down after an hours drive. I was really hungry. We did not have breakfast in the morning, as we thought we will do on the way.

“Wow….delicious Paratha and sabji, my mouth is watering”, I said winking at biwi. “Dont’ you dare try to persuade me. Did you forgot your adventurous trip to the frequent trips to the Toilet last night?, biwi warned me. I did not want my be a martyr at this young age, so I said “I was just teasing you. I will only have bread toast and Tea”. Tweety however, was adamant of the Paratha, and my only hope is my little princess. Guess what, managed to sneak in two bytes of delicious Paratha, thanks to my dear baby.

I could still remember vividly the 2 hour journey to Agra. It was just awesome. Finally, the milestone says “Agra 15Km”. My heart was beating fast. Not that this is my first visit, but somehow these historical places really excites me. We went past the Akbar Fort and after 10min drive reached our Hotel. We checked-in and after freshening-up went up to their roof top Restaurant. “Hubby, look at that “Wah Taj!”, said my biwi. Wow-amazing view of the Taj from the Hotel. It was the best lunch I had with Taj in front of me.

The climax was nearing and we all decked-up with our best attires to visit Emperor Shah Jahan’s – Love memoir. Reached there is 10 min and wow……look at the Grand marble Structure. Its amazing. “Wait please. Show me the doll”, said the Guard. Tweety always carried her doll “Rosie” everywhere she went. She was frightened thinking the Police would take away her doll. We then deposited the doll in the locker room – a sigh of relief for Tweety.

Click! Click! Click! The shooting gun is out. We are at the entrance of the wonder of the world. Wah Taj! The marble white giant symmetrical structure was built by Muhgal emperor Shah Jahan in 1631, on the banks of river Yamuna, It is an engineering extravaganza and depicts the rich Indian history and culture. We took turns to capture photo memories.

“Can you please give us some space. We are doing a trick photography”, said a tourist guide. I gave them space, but opened up my eyes and ears to learn the trick. Switch-on the “Panorama mode” in your camera and then ask your subject to move around you and get back to the original position quickly. Voila! You have a photo showing a Twin of Twin of the subject in from of Taj. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Lets get inside now. “Papa. why are they wearing a socks on top of their shoes?”, asked Tweety. She has amazing observing power. I saw what she was saying. I quickly gathered that it is now mandatory to cover your shoes with a use and throw cover, so as to avoid corrosion due to friction on the marble that happens when people walk with dirty shoes. I could appreciate the reasoning behind this. Our shoes are all decked-up as well and we joined the long queue. We seemed to have chosen the wrong day, it was too crowded with a long queue. Nevertheless, the beauty and grandeur of the structure will really take away all your tirelessness.

Tweety started peeking into the guarded Tomb area – amazing if she could get a sneak peak of the Queen. But its was too crowded and dark to see anything. When we came out, we could see river Yamuna and the foundation of the 2nd Taj which was planned to be built by the King, but could never complete it. What a love story and what a tragic end to the king. His own son imprisoned him to death. “Lets get a groupie”, biwi demanded.

Click! Click! Click! A perfect symmetrical white marble structure, embroidered with precious stones, a grand love memoir. Wah Taj!

The next day we explored Akbar Fort, Fatehpur sikri and then started our journey to the Pink city. So, many interesting stories to share; friends stay tuned from my next blog.

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